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Diy Puzzle Game From Card Board

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Today I have a quick and easy DIY craft project to share with you: DIY card board puzzle game!
They only take about ten minutes to make and you only need two empty card boards,a construction paper, and a white paper!

DIY Puzzle game from card board
Here is what you will need:
Construction Paper
Two Empty Card Boards
Your Drawings( Or A Photo)
Utility Knife


Get 2 empty card boards.Draw a 3×3 square box in the center of 1st card board

Use utility knife to cut out the square. Apply glue to the border.

Place border card board to the 2nd card board. Use construction Paper to decorate the border.

Adhere your drawings( or photo) to the back of square card board.

Use utility knife to split card board into 9 equal pieces. That its it! You’re done!Now have fun playing your puzzle! Or maybe you’d like to a give one as a personalized gift!

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